Money under the pillow



Рабочая группа

Head of Marketing:
Zamira Chorshanbieva

Art Director:
Jamshed Ayubjonov

Nazira Nosirova, Gulnoza Rozikova, Yosuman Qurbonova, Munira Mirzoeva, Ansora Irkaeva

Daler Odinaev, Ulugbek Khalilov, Parviz Tursunov

Graphic Designer:
Furqat Odinaev, Khurshed Shermatov, Zarrina Zulunova, Manuchehr Rajabov, Timur Shapirov, Bakhtiyor Homidov

Makhfirat Toirova, Kamilla Ergasheva

Digital Manager:
Shavkat Aliberdiev


The challenge:
In 2015-2016 there was an economic disruption in Tajikistan's banking sector when four leading banks declared bankruptcy. Panic set in, people could not withdraw their money from deposits and still cannot. People stopped trusting banks, deposits were perceived negatively, so we had to promote our deposits which are fundamentally different from the ordinary ones.

Our marketing team used all ideas to win back people's trust in banks who are slowly beginning to deposit money..

While brainstorming, we found out that people mostly keep their money under a pillow or in a jar. We shot a video of people going to Alif to deposit their pillows filled with money, showing that we accept money even in a pillow.

We posted on:

We posted the video on April 20th, 2021 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TV and radio channels. Only on social media pages the video has been reached by 1 063 775, received 1 612 795 views and 72 678 link clicks, increasing our deposit portfolio 3.5 times in more than a month.