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Рабочая группа

Head of Marketing:
Zamira Chorshanbieva

Art Director:
Jamshed Ayubjonov

Nazira Nosirova, Gulnoza Rozikova, Yosuman Qurbonova, Munira Mirzoeva, Ansora Irkaeva, Shavkat Akhmedov

Daler Odinaev, Ulugbek Khalilov, Parviz Tursunov

Graphic Designer:
Furqat Odinaev, Khurshed Shermatov, Zarrina Zulunova, Manuchehr Rajabov, Timur Shapirov, Bakhtiyor Homidov

Makhfirat Toirova, Kamilla Ergasheva

Digital Manager:
Shavkat Aliberdiev, Furqat Pirmadov


The problem:
In the country more than 99% of turnover is cash. We have built the payment system, now the task is to attract people to use online service. There are cons of using cash a lot for economy, for people, time consuming. If people would use alif mobi, they would save time and spend it with loved ones. alif mobi is one app for payments, remittances and BNPL.

We made some situational videos where the protagonist struggles with payments and each time alif mobi helps him to feel with and spend time with loved ones.

Promotion is still going on. We placed the video on 19 state and local TV channels, received 103 442 views, 5 313 link clicks and 55 772 people reaching it, after which number of registrations in app increased by 30%.