Agro Bravo LLC

Рабочая группа

Client Service: Adelya Uzyakova
Art-direction: Temur Sadi & Zokir Khalmatov
Design: Akhmad Sobitov, Svetlana Sarjan, Temur Sadi, Zokir Khalmatov, Mansur Nabiev, Doniyor Isamitdinov, Murat Risbikov, Anastasia Kim


Delicious charity.

The number of animals in the Red Book of Uzbekistan is growing every day. Yet this problem is not urgent for the people. They worry about their own basic needs: financial matters or everyday routine. Global problems seem to be difficult to influence without having great financial capabilities - sounds like a main barrier.

Therefore, we decided to draw the attention of the general population to this problem through a simple commodity - ice cream. We named it Sarob, which translates as "mirage", referring to the problem of extinction of certain species. We visualized the most significant and endangered animals of Uzbekistan on the front packaging. So that anyone can contribute to saving these species without having a lot of money on their account. 5% of the gross ice cream turnover is donated as a charity to the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

The animal illustrations are deliberately made from basic geometric shapes. They are closely interconnected with decorative patterns to emphasize the name and draw attention to the disappearance of species.

Simple graphics consisting of basic geometric shapes "hide" animal shapes surrounded by patterns in order to create the effect of urging disappearance of the species.