Asl Baraka

Рабочая группа

Strategic Department:
Alua Imangazi
Aziza Muminova

Creative Department:
Samar Takvim Akhmad
Alexandra Demchenko
Sayyidbek Nazrillayev
Shakhzod Saliev
Viktoriya Sharafutdinova
Vitaliy Khalzunov
Ilkham Kerimov
Andrey Kornienko

Accounting Department:
Nargiz Kamalova
Christina Salnikova


To develop a series of outdoor advertising for the brand of sausage products Asl Baraka, which positions itself as a brand for ordinary hard workers, who love their work.

To show people's real workplaces and how they actually have lunch – sandwiches wrapped in an ordinary plastic bag, with unevenly sliced sausage and bread, without perfect porcelain plates or neatly sliced tomatoes.

The city administration demanded to demolish the billboards in the city center, due to the fact that in their opinion the sausage in a black plastic bag does not look prestigious.
Together with other activities, honest brand communication increased sales by 17%.