A good cinema isn't here


"Cinemax" cinema theatre

Рабочая группа

Creative director: Oleg Kachalin
Designer: Ula Seitzhanov
Editor: Kate Goncharuk
Account manager: Aldiyar
Motion designer: Dilya Sharipova


Our client, the new premium cinema "Cinemax", asked us to come up with a way to use an outdoor video banner to promote its product "Cinemax" charity fund. When customers buy tickets to the movies through the site, 2% of the purchase amount goes to charity.

It turned out that the rented video banner is located near the competing chain of cinemas. That's why we decided to make a joke about the competitor, telling people that a good cinema is not here.

The idea of the advertisement is to tell that:
1. A good movie theater isn't here, it's somewhere else.
2. The cinema is good because it gives money to charity.

In order to make people better understand what we are talking about, we have placed navigation arrows pointing at the direction and distance to a good cinema "Cinemax".

Translation of slides:
1. А good movie theater is not here.
2. 2% for good deeds
3. 2% of each ticket goes to charity.