Рабочая группа

Head of Marketing:
Zamira Chorshanbieva

Art Director:
Jamshed Ayubjonov

Nazira Nosirova, Gulnoza Rozikova, Yosuman Qurbonova, Munira Mirzoeva, Ansora Irkaeva, Shavkat Akhmedov

Daler Odinaev, Ulugbek Khalilov, Parviz Tursunov

Graphic Designer:
Furqat Odinaev, Khurshed Shermatov, Zarrina Zulunova, Manuchehr Rajabov, Timur Shapirov, Bakhtiyor Homidov

Makhfirat Toirova, Kamilla Ergasheva

Digital Manager:
Shavkat Aliberdiev, Furqat Pirmadov


Over 5% of the local banks issue
Visa cards and the rest of 95% of the market is occupied by the National processing center that serves only local Korti milli cards uneligible for international payments.

We had the challenge to issue Visa cards, a massively used and mainstream product. It was very important to create an impressive design and change any classical perception of the product putting all elements in the most sophisticated way. Thus, we decided to make the lower part of the card transparent and include a credit line identification number of our clients at the bottom highlighting other features of the product.

Usually, the Visa card is used mainly in the western world but we decided to change that bringing the product to the wide local level. Our original task was to come up with something new in the market, not just a payment card. The product was supposed to differ in its design, aesthetics and be accessible to everyone.

We found a solution providing authentic design and new technologies. We only had one month to develop the scatch and during the implementation of the concept, we used various ideas, materials, covers, while trying to follow Visa guidelines.

Letterpress, hand-assembled, eco-friendly materials, premium cotton paper, and most importantly, no plastic.

We received the highest reviews on social media and a huge number of our clients used social media services sharing pictures of their brand new Visa cards that helped to boost it organically.