Najot Ta'lim

Рабочая группа

Creative director:
Otabek Sharapov

Mirafzal Mirahmadov
Aziza Alijonova
Diyor Burhonov
Abduvohid Mirsobitov

Art Director:
Muhammadjon Obloqulov

Zohir Bozorov
Ilhomjon Akbarov
Fazliddin Boboqulov
Account managers:
Aziza Kuranbaeva
Inara Asanova

RA Production


Many students study at the university just for the sake of a diploma. Moreover, the enrollment rate of higher education in Uzbekistan is only 7%. Those who arenʼt lucky enough to enroll, have to do hard work for lower wages or even migrate to neighboring countries.

In the series of video for Najot Taʼlim, we wanted to show that a diploma might be useful in some situations in life, but to get a job, real knowledge and experience are needed. Because, Najot Taʼlim, a learning center for on-demand courses, helps students realize themselves in life even without a diploma.

In the first 10 days, incoming calls increased by 80%.
The media coverage was more than 170 thousand people.