VernyCapital / Medsupport

Рабочая группа

Botagoz Kaumenova - executive
Assema Berik

Zhazira Zhumash - corporate communications manager

(creative concept, scenario, storyboard, copywriting, graphics/animation, editing, SFX)
Dmitry Shchegolikhin - general producer, film editor
Timur Shaitkaliyev - creative director
Iliya Akhmejanova - project manager
Artyom Podkovyrov - producer, editing, sound
Nikita Tyulyupov - visual effects, supers design
Den Forstmann - supers design


(production-service, administering, backstage)

Olzhas Bayalbayev - film director
Yevgenia Moreva - second director
Sardar Baymoldin - cameraman

Dmitry Shchegolikhin - producer
Nikita Tsygankov - DOP
Dauren Mambetov - aerial survey

Semyon Bogomaz - art director
Faces - casting
Akniyet Baimakhanova - costume designer
Alyona Nechayeva - makeup


Verny Capital
(investment company)

(organization of independent doctors)


In 2021, a large number of people in Kazakhstan refused to get vaccinated against coronavirus. Efforts to persuade people in an orderly manner failed. At the same time, the incidence of COVID was increasing at a frightening rate. It was important to convince citizens to take vaccine without moralizing or forcing them to.


The cult of force is very popular in Kazakhstan. Every Kazakhstani from an early age knows the request to “show the biceps” It’s when one child approaches another and asks the latter to prove how strong he or she is. The same happens in the adult world, for example, in a gym. The gesture has positive and somewhat humorous connotations.

Since the vaccine is placed in a shoulder, everyone who gets vaccinated has to show his or her biceps. In our video we featured biceps of people from all over Kazakhstan, including those of celebrities.

Besides we touched on all the sore points of Kazakhstan’s society before the pandemic – long-term lockdown in cramped apartments with kids, closure of public spaces, and overcrowded hospitals.

We must also mention people’s love of feasts or weddings – toi – which is one of the few entertainments for elderly Kazakhstanis missing their children and grandchildren during the pandemic. The resumption of toi after the vaccination is a great desire of all the families.

The video leads to the bilingual website VXN.KZ, specially designed for the project. It puts forward simply-worded answers to all pressing issues regarding vaccination (it’s the first site in Kazakhstan, which provides information about vaccination in the Kazakh language).


With no promotion, the video in Instagram got 170K views and amassed more them 500 comments.

When the CEO of Verny Capital posted the video in his Facebook account, it was later reposted by the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan.

The video was taken into a free TV rotation by 2 nationwide channels reaching millions of people.

The video was posted in social media by a very large number of users.

Situation regrading vaccination 2 DAYS BEFORE THE PLACEMENT of the video (as of Aug. 11, 2021)
Vaccinated with the first component – 5.9 M. ~59% of those subject to vaccination
Vaccinated with the second component – 4.5 M. ~45.2% of those subject to vaccination

Situation regrading vaccination a MONTH AFTER THE PLACEMENT of the video
Vaccinated with the first component – 7.08 M. (+20%) ~71% of those subject to vaccination
Vaccinated with the second component – 5.9 M. (+31%) ~59.2% of those subject to vaccination