Рабочая группа

Brandup Agency

Creative Director - Tamerlan Ismayilov
Art Director - Elnur Babayev
Art Director / Graphic Designer - Javid Ali
Motion Designer - Nurlan Salahzadeh
Project Manager - Lala Azimova
Project Manager - Kamila Babayeva
Copywriter - Ismat Mammadova
Copywriter - Aydin Abbasli


“Dumagh” is a newly founded dry cleaning and laundry chain in Azerbaijan, Baku.

The company is technically equipped with washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning machines that meet the most modern and high standards of leading European manufacturers. Thus, it restores the freshness of different products with the help of various types of cleansers. At the same time, the company's services are carried out within the framework of environmental standards indicates that it thinks of nature as well as customers.

During the branding, we tried to maintain the main purpose of the company and the service area. The name "Dumagh" (Azerbaijani: [dümağ]), means pure white, which also symbolizes cleanliness.

This inspired us to create the sign of purity. The "D" letter in the name was chosen to show it. The bright shade of white used in the letter “D”, in its turn, encouraged the creation of a slogan. Indeed, it is the first time in our agency, and maybe in the world, when the company's slogan creation ("sign of purity") was inspired by the logo itself. We believe that our concept will make this brand stand out and immediately appeal to people.

Dumagh - sign of purity.

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