Рабочая группа

PANDA PRO team from Kazakhstan
Director: Kuanysh Ospanbekov
Producer: Aidan Ospanbekova
Actor: Sanjar Madi


This video was created on the eve of the celebration of Mother's Day in Kazakhstan in order to remind our fellow citizens that in the hustle and bustle of everyday affairs, we often forget about the most important thing - about Mom! Immerse viewers in their childhood memories, convey how important it is to love, cherish and appreciate mothers while they are alive and near!

The famous Kazakhstani actor Sanzhar Madi took part in the filming.
Our project was supported by many famous producers, actors, singers and bloggers. Social network users also made reposts, posted photos with their mothers. The video was spread in the mass media and news portals.

- Over 20 million views
- Over 300 thousand likes
- 50 thousand comments
- Publications on social networks of top influencers
- Articles in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Teens and People, Esquire and other media

Millions of Kazakhstanis learnt about this holiday!