EVOS Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Creative: Daniyar Abdullaev, Sevara Sabirova
Clients service director: Sevara Sabirova
Art-direction: Nazar Sobirov
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Gregory Konovalov, Rustam Kalibaev
Video & Animation: Basitxan Tashmuxamedov, Armen Sokolov


Situation: In 15 years, EVOS has changed from a single small-sized cafe in Tashkent, into the largest QSR chain with over 50 restaurants across Uzbekistan. EVOS is mostly known for its high quality product, service, super fast delivery and of course beloved lavash.

Idea: Today EVOS is more than that! Most recent surveys showed that brand closely relates to its customers lives, associates with most important memories and has a strong emotional bond. For most, EVOS has become a close fellow. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, we have launched "Qadrdon Brend" campaign based on true customer stories. The campaign was launched a month before the anniversary date and covered Digital as well as outdoor advertising.

Results: In just a month, «Qadrdon Brend», has reached more than 7 million views, generated massive responds and impressions in social media. But more than that, sales during the month of campaign increased by 30%.