Simply turn on the AC to turn off the heat.



Рабочая группа

Head of marketing - Zarif Mekhmonaliev
Marcom - Alisher Boykuziev
Copywriter - Zamira Rakhmanova
Director - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Producer - Xenia Leonteva
DP - Bakhadir Yuldashev
Production Designer - Helga Geller
Casting Director/makeup artist - Asya Osipyants
Production manager - Valeria Popova
Supervisor - Kamila Mevlyudova
Runners - Danis Vinogradov, Vladislav Myagkov, Adham Xalakov, Editors Xojiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev, Aydos Kenzheev
Camera crew - Shb rent
Lighting crew - Bayram rent


Uzbeks, who are used to the annual heat of the “chilli” time, find and invent many different ways to cool off. If the method works, it is good and it does not matter how strange or illogical it is. In the heat, they fan or cool themselves down with everything that comes in hand.

We tried to show the "life hacks" of people that they use to cool off in the heat and say that there is a safer and more convenient way - air conditioner. We made a video in a clip format. The music for the video is created from a mix of sound effects created by various objects that a person is trying to cool off with.