Сommercials: FMCG

Сommercials: services

Сommercials: corporate

Сommercials: virus

Сommercials: internet film

Film craft: direction, art-direction

Film craft: CG & animation, broadcast and motion design

Copywriting & Storytelling

Социальные ролики


Use of media

Craft: photo, collage, retouch

Craft: illustration & 3D

Branded content

Digital campaigns

Social media campaigns

Logo & identity: corporate

Logo & identity: services

Logo & identity: retail

Packaging: serial products

Packaging: limited editions and promo packaging

Packaging: craft and artesian products

Editorial (newspapers and magazines, booklets, leaflets, brochures, posters and cards, calendars, books, etc.)

Single projects (navigation, promo equipment, cars, uniforms - design made for single media)




CSR projects