Рабочая группа

CEO - Timur Bakiev
Technical specialist – Artem Shevchenko
Project Manager – Ruslan Chikarev


The Problem.

Korzinka (food and beverage retailer) is already an established brand in the Uzbekistan, nevertheless the company does not cease to develop and it is constantly working on creating a strong emotional connection of the consumer brand and a new impulse of loyalty. For the 25th anniversary of the Korzinka brand, it was required to “re-engage” consumers with the company’s history and its values, and this information had to be presented in the most relevant, interactive and adaptive way. After all, it is the emotional establishment of brand communication that helps to win the attention and loyalty of customers.
Additionally, one more significant task that had to be considered was the increase of the Korzinka Telegram Channel subscribers in order to continue the communication with the consumer there.

The Solution.

The ClickMe team proposed an interactive solution to the problem, based on the emotional-rational behavior of the buyer:
1. What can motivate a person and evoke the positive emotions in them? Bonuses and gifts.
2. How to present the company's values and history in an informative and interactive way? Set up a simple and entertaining survey.
3. Which platform is best suited for these tasks? Telegram.
Thus, the ClickMe team created an easy-to-use Telegram bot and offered to run a promotion there. The terms of the promotion were quite simple: (1) answer a few questions about the brand, which contained the information necessary to convey to the consumer and (2) subscribe to the official Korzinka Telegram channel.

The Result.

During the 21 days of the promotion: 80,877 consumers took part in it.
About 70,000 users subscribed to the official Telegram channel Korzinka.
The coverage of the advertising campaign reached 3 million 800 thousand.
Moreover, a lot of positive feedback was received from the participants of the promotion.

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