Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Timur Nusharov
Art Director: Abdulaziz Abdurakhimov
Designer: Dior Matchanov
3D-Designer: Sanjar Matchanov
Copywriters: Anna Song, Margarita Urmantseva



The GRANDPHARM holding website was totally obsolete, with its chaotic logic, so it did not give the opportunity to understand the whole scale of the group of companies and misled users (as visitors to the site) when searching for the necessary information. The structure of the company was also unclear and did not allow full familiarity with the abundance of projects.


GRANDPHARM is the market leader in pharmaceutical distribution. Dozens of world-renowned customers, hundreds of thousands of consumers across the country and franchise holders want to receive accurate and optimized information. To strengthen the leading position in the pharmaceutical market of the country, as well as structurally and concisely inform users about the company, it was decided to upgrade the holding site, having worked out the logic and user path, and making the design more adaptive and understandable.


We conducted a full audit of the holding’s structure, forming a clear hierarchy of divisions, directories and subsidiary projects. The clear structure will enhance website usability and make it more visited and used. Each project and activity of the company became a distinct and separate unit. We have abandoned the usual filling of the site with diverse photos in favor of modern 3D-icons and motion-design that accurately reflects the specifics of each page.

We divided the target audience of the site into four groups — partners, owners or future owners of the franchise, consumers, other companies.

Dedicated products are the most important for all users, as well as consistently generate traffic.

We have ensured that each page contains one of the targeted actions: a request for feedback, the ability to download the application or see the news.

We have optimized the drug search system, which is now possible by identifying the user’s geolocation.

One of the most important features of the site is the ability to check the certificates of the drug and to verify its reliability.

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