Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Timur Nusharov
Production manager: Nafisa Amerkhanova
Digital manager: Lana Chernikova
Communication and copywrite manager: Margarita Urmantseva


Challenge: WOK is a modern Asian cuisine cafes chain, selling noodles in boxes, counts 14 points in Tashkent, 2 in Samarkand and 1 in Andijan, exists since 2015. In 7 years the company’s image has become outdated, lost its identity and systematisation.

Solution: The main task was to develop a brand’s style, as well as to implement it everywhere — from logo and identity to the implementation of style on all branded carriers (signs, packaging, communications). The overall timeline of the rebranding was 2 months, implementation has taken about a year.

We have completely updated the identities. The new image of WOK has become bright, modern and aesthetic. We got rid of the mood of «ancient mysterious east» and chose as a metaphor of the brand modern multicultural metropolis. It focuses on simple but expressive typography, signature bright orange color, patterns and minimalism.
The new sign in the logo was an orange noodle box — the main image with which WOK buyers get in contact. We made it look like no one else before. We redrawn the font part in the spirit of modern Asian writing, made it bold and expressive.

Results: In addition to the digital world, it was necessary to change the cafes themselves as well. We have updated the design of every kind of packaging, uniforms and even interior. Emphasizing the new identity, together they create a holistic brand image, and make WOK even more enjoyable place to socialize and eat. The updated corporate style lives in four cafes of the network today.

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